SHS newspaper and local business team up to enhance social media


Bryanna Morykan, Staff writer

Meeting deadlines, collaborating with colleagues, clashing with classmates, finding new ideas that will help market your product, etc.

Ah, the challenge of running a small business.

These are some of the challenges the Mountaineer newspaper staff knows well.  They gain most of their knowledge by working in the class, but there is another way of learning that has been rewarding and helpful. The Mountaineer social media staff, consisting of sophomores Alanna Christman, Bryanna Morykan and Cassandra Oppelt, has developed a working relationship with local business Popcorn Buddha.

Our social media staff has met with Mr.Craig Campeotto and discussed how to make their respective businesses more effective, more efficient, and more successful.  Campeotto is the owner of and founder of Popcorn Buddha, a unique popcorn shop that offers popcorn of ever flavor located on 480 North 8th Street right here in Stroudsburg.

Our social media staff has provided Campeotto with Instagram tips, etc, and he has shared his real world wisdom with us.

“Owning and running your own business is extremely difficult,” said Campeotto. “There will always be struggles and hardships but at the end it’s all worth it.”

In our meetings, the four of us discussed what it’s like to successfully run a business on a daily basis. We discussed hardships,challenges, and more.

“I loved learning from Craig because he was able to give unfiltered information about the real world,” said Christman. “I’ll definitely remember his information on running a business for years to come.” 

Regarding social media, Oppelt felt that Campeotto helped her understand it more from a professional standpoint.

“Going to meet with Craig has really helped me with my business management skills,” said Oppelt. “He’s given me good insight on how he’s gained his followers and I will be sure to use them myself.”

So what exactly are some of the tips that Campeotto shared with us that should help us grow our business?

  • Social media is a great way to promote. Gain followers by following people with “big names” and by following people in the community.
  • Get in touch with local businesses. They are more likely to promote and help out other local businesses that help them.
  • Stay informed with events happening in the community. Try go to those events and make yourself known.

Overall, the challenges of running a small business or a newspaper can be daunting, but there is a great sense of accomplishment when it is done well.

“I love my job because it’s so rewarding seeing people enjoy my product,” said Campeotto. “It makes all the troubles worth it and puts a smile on my face.”