Golf without clubs?


Jacob Angradi, Staff Photographer/ Writer

The sport of disc golf, also known as frisbee golf, has grown tenfold since itai??i??s start.

According to the Pro Disc Golf Association, there are over 80,000 members who actively participate in tournaments. The PDGA estimates that there is over 500,000 people who regularly play that are not members.

Disc golf is played like ordinary golf. The player starts in a tee-off area, and the object is to get to the goal in as few turns as possible. But instead of playing with expensive golf clubs and aiming at a hole, disc golf uses inexpensive plastic discs and thrown toward a specially designed basket to catch the disc. There are no tee times, and most courses are free to play, unlike ordinary golf.

According to the PDGA website, there are over 4,000 disc golf courses in America alone. Yetter Park in East Stroudsburg and Rivers Edge in Delaware Water Gap are the two closest courses of the 4,000 in the PDGA directory.

Disc golf is the only sport that can be played by any age level or experience level and each participant enjoy the same relaxation and fun. Grandparents can go out and enjoy a game with their grandchildren.

The game can be played by yourself or with a group of people. Itai??i??s played at your own pace, there’s no shot clock.

Itai??i??s you against the course, thereai??i??s no defense, no six-foot man trying to bat the disc away. This is what makes disc golf so relaxing. Thereai??i??s no pressure to hurry a shot. You can take your time in between shots and just enjoy your surroundings and the great outdoors.

ai???There is no other sport like it,ai??? said Nate Kitchell, a junior at Stroudsburg High School, ai???There isnai??i??t another sport where you can enjoy nature and clear your mind like disc golf. Youai??i??re not rushed like other sports, and itai??i??s something you can enjoy with your

Disc golf is one of the only sports that can work out your body and mind while being surrounded by the peace and a tranquility of Mother Nature. In the Poconos, an area renowned for its fall foliage and scenic vistas, there is no better time to go out and enjoy a game of disc golf. All that is needed is a disc and a sense of adventure.

What makes disc golf so great is it allows teenagers to put down their phones for an hour or two and sit back and take in their surroundings. ai???In a day and age where every teen is ai???pluggedai??i?? into their phones all day every day, itai??i??s a nice change to put the phone down and actually go outside,ai??? Kitchell said.