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Book Club members finish first novel. share their thoughts

The Book Club finishes first reading: Arc of the Scythe book 1: Scythe, by Neal Shusterman. Book club is a 60 member group that gets together during lunches on Fridays to discuss the book they are currently reading.

Every month the Book Club chooses a different novel to read and discuss. Continue reading to find out what the members have to say about the novel.

Here is the Book Club’s brief description of ScytheAn intriguing book involving a world without natural death; except for scythes, who are trained to kill in any way possible. The book follows two unsuspecting scythe apprentices through their journey to scythehood. With an honorable scythe mentoring them, Rowan and Citra  face all the necessary steps to becoming a scythe, and MANY more problems along the way. Now included in the fight between the new and old order scythes, Citra and Rowan struggle to become honorable and keep their morals. And obviously there’s a much needed secret romance to keep the romantic interest going!

What Book Club members are saying about Scythe:

  • “You’ll love the characters because they are full-bodied and alive. You’ll cry, throw your book, and hug it as the story unfolds. Don’t miss this epic read!”
  • “Reserve book 2 now, because you will be upset if you don’t.”
  • “This will make you laugh, cry, and smile…one that makes you sad it ended.”
  • “How could the bell ring? I have to finish reading it! “
  • “Your mouth will hang open while reading this book.”
  • “You will connect with this futuristic world. Scythe is going to make you believe that it will happen to you!”

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