SASD to support the Pocono Mountains United Way

Samuel Watanabe, Staff Writer

The United Way is a non-profit organization that focuses on spreading positivity to the community to grow friendships, health, education, and income. The goal is to grow common good among all people. Some of the organization’s bigger accomplishments include: built 600 classrooms in the Philippines, trained 8,000 people for jobs in Cincinnati, Ohio, and provided 50,000 mosquito nets to Uganda.

The United Way creates local branches all around the world to help spread the message into local communities and townships.

Here in Monroe County as of April 1, 2019, a merger took place in which the United Way of Monroe County and Pocono Alliance became the Pocono Mountains United Way. This new branch of United Way hopes to battle many local issues that plague Monroe and Pike counties. These include hunger, homelessness, mental health, and poverty.

Stroudsburg High School has publicly shared their support for the United Way program and even held a dress down day on November 1 to provide funds to the United Way.

“With the help of organizational leaders, and our nationwide network of resources and shared best practices,  Pocono Mountains United Way will empower those who give — and those who receive – to create meaningful change in our community.” This statement is posted on the Pocono Mountains United Way website.

The attached video provides more information as well as Dr. Cosmas Curry, the SASD superintendent, who has vocalized his support for this organization.

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