Featured Book: Skink No Surrender Recommended by Selma Soulev

Skink No Surrender

By Carl Hiaasen

Reviewer: Selma Soulev (junior)

Genre: YA

Classic Malley — to avoid being shipped off to boarding school, she takes off with some guy she met online.

Poor Richard — he knows his cousin is in trouble before she does.

Wild Skink — he’s a ragged, one-eyed ex-governor of Florida, and enough of a renegade to think he can track Malley down.

With Richard riding shotgun, the unlikely pair scour the state, undaunted by blinding storms, crazed pigs, flying bullets, and giant gators.

This story is complex and full of funny characters. You wouldn’t expect a retired governor to leap out of a sand pile to pounce on baby sea turtle poachers or place a seashell where his fake eye used to be. It’s a fun, quick read that makes you aware of environmental problems and safety issues while being humorous as the mystery unfolds.

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