SHS implements changes to gym makeups

Tyler Stone, Staff Writer

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SHS has made some changes to its gym make-up policy.

Effective January 21, 2020. Gym makeups will be held during Phys. Ed. Classes instead of during homeroom. Students will be doing five laps around the gym instead of seven, twenty push-ups, forty sit-ups, and, to finish, one sprint across the gym.

Effective November 8, 2019. Students will no longer need to complete gym makeups for the following reasons:

  • Missing school due to: Funeral, Court Appearance, Administrative Approval
  • Curricular Activities: Assembly, IEP Meeting, Band Lesson, Field Trip, Job Shadow
  • Extracurricular Activities: Athletic game or competition, Performance at Community Event (Band, Show Choir, Chorale, Chorus, etc.), EPC Student Athletic Character Council, FBLA/Science O/TSA/Scholastic Scrimmage Competitions, Student Government Meeting, School Activity absence, Sports Club Activity (Fun and Fitness, Mountie Challenge, etc), Other

However, students will still need to complete gym makeups for the following reasons:

  • Missing School due to sickness (Doctors and Parents note), College Visit, Educational Trip, Sent home by Nurses Office, Suspension (ACE & OSS)

If you have any thoughts about the new gym makeup policy, please comment below.