Art Club


Ryan Serbin, Staff Writer

We all have a bit of creativity inside of us. What better way to show that side of you then to go to Art Club?

Art Club is the place to show the world your inner beauty. Do you ever have the urge to draw whatever you want, but donai??i??t have the time to do so? Then Art Club is the best option for you.

“It’s relaxing,” said Ms. Leah McKain, art teacher and Art Club adviser. “You don’t have to be good at art in order to join, you can hangout with friends, and there are projects for everyone.”

At Art Club, students can paint, draw, or even make crafts of their choice. Recently, the club began to work on projects for the “Musikfest”, which boasts aAi??combination of music performances from grades 9-12, as well as a holiday themed craft show.

The club is currently doing projects that focus on using several themes of art, including “upcycling”, which is the usage of items such as pieces of paper to be used as decoration on itemsAi??such as jars or pots.

If studens want to join the Art Club, meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Monday’s of the month from 2:30 to 4:15 pm in Ms. McKain’s room.