Art Club and Environmental Club work together to create upcycled crafts


Lindsey Fedor, Staff Writer

This fall, both the Art Club and the Environmental Club have teamed up to create an assortment of crafts that they will be selling at Craft Fest on December 5.

ai???Since theAi??Environmental Club is mainly involved in EnviroThon, this is a good way to work together with other members and raise awareness of the club,ai??? said environmental club adviser Ms. Cheri West. Envirothon is an environmental science program held at Susquehanna University where students compete and test their knowledge in five topic areas – Soils and Land Use, Aquatic Ecology, Forestry, Wildlife, and Environmental Issues.

The clubs are making fourAi??main types of crafts to sell: luminaries out of jars, coasters out of donated tiles, gift bags, and gift tags. All of the items will be made from recycled material to emphasize the idea that you can make beautiful things out of items you wouldnai??i??t normally think could be used again.

ai???I like the fact that weai??i??re working with the Art Club,ai??? Nadine Aly, a member of the environmental club, said. ai???Itai??i??s cool that both clubs get to work

Volunteers from both the Art and Environmental Clubs have been hard at work turning your everyday items into creative items you can reuse and it benefits not only the clubs, but the students as well as the clubs get to work together in a way they wouldnai??i??t normally.

The crafts will be sold at Craft Fest, which is being held at the high school on December 5th in the gym. They have decided to donate a portion of their profits to Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, a center where wild animals are taken if they are injured or orphaned as well as a great source to learn more about the joys and dangers of wildlife.

To learn more about their project or get involved, attend an Environmental Club meeting held every Thursday in room E214 or an Art Club meeting which is held every Monday in F105.