Boys basketball wraps up solid season

The team nearly misses qualifying for districts


Anthony Cusumano, Staff Writer

The boys basketball fell just short of their goal to qualify for districts this season.

The basketball team finished their season 9-13 overall and 6-10 in the EPC. 

“ I think our season went really well,” said head coach Mr. Matt Gallagher. “We competed and played our hardest every single game. Some games we came up short but we were competitive.” 

The basketball team had a lot of upsides to their game and scheme this year. 

Senior Jahdari Kettries pointed out that the team’s greatest strength this season was their offense. “ Everyone on the floor has the ability to score.” 

The basketball team members consistently stressed their closeness.  They actually spent a great deal of time together off the court as well as on it.

“One memorable moment of the season is the team going on bus rides together, laughing, having fun as a family,” said Gallagher. “Another moment is when we went down to Whitehall and beat them by 20 or so. No one expected us to win that game, but we went down there and won.”

Every year, as the season progresses, the goal is for the team to continue to improve.  This year was no exception.

“The expectation for next year is to show commitment, get back into the gym to show hard work and dedication, and to get better than before,” said Gallagher.

Below is a photo gallery of one of the boys’ games. Enjoy!