Stroudsburg Factions: Students to play games to raise money for senior class

New senior class fundraiser open to entire high school, begins on Friday, February 28th.

Moses Johnson

Samuel Watanabe, Staff Writer

What is Stroudsburg Factions? It is a fundraiser for the class of 2020 where students create their own teams to tackle a variety of different challenges. It has never been done before at Stroudsburg High and anyone from grades 10-12 can sign up.

Students will participate in a series of events that should test them in a variety of ways. These challenges will range from tug-of-war to relay races to math problems.

The first thing students need to do is create a team of 4-8 members. After paying $5 per person and submitting a symbol for their faction, the team will partake in weekly challenges. Every dollar collected goes to the Class of 2020.  Students are encouraged to sign up now!

“The challenges will be mixed up and lots of fun,” said senior Moses Johnson, organizational leader of Stroudsburg Factions. “Are you strong? Carry your team in tug-of-war. Fast? Outrun your enemies in the Grand Relay Race. Smart? Solve riddles and puzzles for points. Good at shooting rubber bands, Tetris, or Smash Bros? Make your team and make your mark on the school’s history. Even if you aren’t good at any of these, find a teammate that can complement your strengths. After two months of challenges, the points will be counted and the winner gets a custom shirt with their factions symbol on it. First time doing this ever. Anyone can win.”

Challenges will occur every Monday after school. Only one person per faction is required to participate in a challenge, which makes it easier for people to get involved. The fundraiser will run until April, so even people involved in sports can participate in this event. Members can also show up to the later challenges even if they are unable to attend the first few weeks.

The fundraiser’s adviser, Ms. Shari Griswold, has more information on this program. Students can contact her for more information via email: [email protected]. She is also located in Room C 125.

Sign up today by joining the google classroom: wfkstqh