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Senior Karoline DeFreitas: a choir performer and much more

Karoline DeFreitas is currently a senior who participates in various clubs and activities such as student government, musical, choir, and more. She is also an AP Student. Karoline was recently interviewed by the Mountaineer regarding choir.

What is it like being in choir?

It’s fun and very inclusive, everyone is accepted and it’s fun to have a safe place to be with friends and get to do things we love and learn about singing!

How many years have you been in the program and how has it affected you?

I have done it since my sophomore year. I think it’s made me a more accepting and caring person. There are so many different people in choir and it’s like a big family. There are so many people from different walks of life and the only way to do this is to walk down the halls and run into them. There are people in your section that you don’t know and you get to become friends with them as we sing together and interact with each other as opposed to just sitting next to each other in class. It encourages you to socialize.

What’s your favorite musical piece?

My favorite choral pieces have been done in the May concert sophomore year. It was Daemon and If Music Be which was gorgeous. This upcoming March concert is also my favorite because it’s musical theater.

Why do you sing?

It’s a passion and I love doing it. I’ve always done it since I was little; my family is very musically inclined. Choir is different and you can sing a wide range of songs. It’s not pop music so it teaches proper technique and form and it challenges me to do it correctly. Singing is a part of the body and you have to take care of it.

Would you recommend this course to someone else?

Yes because even if you don’t sing you learn a lot about music and get some musical knowledge. Even for half a year, you get to know music theory, do-re-mes and other basics about music. Plus it’s fun to get with everyone and it’s really fun to learn under Ms. Lee.

What’s your dream destination?

Somewhere in Greece. Somewhere that’s pretty with history and that’s secluded.

Karoline DeFreitas had her friend, Johanna Gelbs, join her in showing off her singing.

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