The coronavirus forces SASD to finish the school year online


Kaylee O’Connor

A lone box of Kraft Mac and Cheese sits on the shelves of the local Stroudsburg Weis.

Samuel Watanabe, Staff Writer

COVID-19, a virus that attacks the respiratory system, has hit Monroe County, PA. The effects can be seen all across the country, from schools to the local Walmart. Many changes have been made in order to lessen the spread of this disease, including the entire Stroudsburg Area School District going online.

Recently, Governor Tom Wolf announced that all schools will be shut down for the remainder of the academic school year. The effect? Stroudsburg High School’s Class of 2020 will now finish their year online in quarantine.

In recent interviews, the Class of 2020 students gave their input on their recent changes.

“I’ve adapted by being able to work on my own schedule,” said senior Mackenzie O’Brien. “Online classes can be enjoyable, but my main issue is staying on task with all the distractions around me.”

“I definitely miss my friends and all of my activities,” said senior Logan Sodl. “Not playing baseball every day is awful. I also miss musical so much! I’ve just been chilling at home.”

“I miss being able to have face-to-face interactions and all the activities that came with school,” said O’Brien.

Senior Alec Rump was asked if he thought the quarantine would end soon, these are his thoughts.

“No, because people have no common sense,” said Rump. “They won’t stay inside. They are going out and doing stuff.”

Not only has this been hard for the students, but the teachers have also been struggling as well. Many teachers have expressed how much they miss their students via google classroom, email, etc., and have had to adjust to a new way of teaching.

The impact of the coronavirus is not only hitting the Stroudsburg Area School District but has spread to the local businesses around town. Below will be a gallery of places around the area they have been impacted due to the coronavirus. Photographer Kaylee O’Connor took these photos to demonstrate these “apocalyptic times.”