The Importance of Music


Kaylee Villanueva Santos, Staff Writer

For many, being stuck at home all day can be tiring or boring. Along with all the shows/movies being watched, many forget about a very important form of entertainment: music.

Music is very powerful and can be used for many things. Many use music to bring them inspiration, to adjust their mood, to calm themselves down, bring their mood up, or to simply hear music with a message. Some create music for themselves, while others create to show that no one is alone in whatever mood they’re feeling. For those who listen, they’ll often find a way to express themselves through the music they listen to.

Music is also a way to bond with others. Whether it’s a choir, a band, an orchestra, a music class, a musical, or simply liking the same music as someone else. Those involved with activities often find their best friends through them as well as create lasting memories.

Music is also seen as a universal language, as you do not need to always understand what is being played or sung to feel the emotions of a song; rather, knowing the lyrics or meaning of a song gives it a deeper meaning once understood.

Being in quarantine is also a great time to expand your music style if you play an instrument, produce music, like singing along to songs or even simply enjoy listening to music. Music brings many other possibilities besides simply expanding your range from simply watching music videos or learning an instrument/new song to editing your own videos with your favorite song or creating playlists to share with those you care about.

If you’re looking to branch out your music taste,  ask friends for recommendations,  search mood music on YouTube, or check out one of the following sites/tools. If you have Spotify to discover more about your personal taste or find new music, use these: Discover your streaming habits

Obscurify:  Compare your music taste to others around the world & discover recommended music

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