SHS administration keeps SASD community informed through email

District-wide email has become more important than ever due to the pandemic


Madison Hentze

Photo by Madison Hentze

Madison Hentze, Staff Writer

It’s no surprise that the year 2020 has posed all sorts of challenges for schools at all levels all around the world.

It is certainly true at Stroudsburg High School, where the whole process is anything but normal. The classroom environment, sports, and clubs have all been overhauled in order to help the wheels keep turning safely through the pandemic.

The SASD administration has had to make a lot of very important decisions regarding the most effective way to provide a safe environment, while continuing to offer classes, sports, clubs, and more.

One great challenge for the district, and more specifically at SHS, is for the administration to communicate with the entire school community, so that everybody can be updated and on the same page for the 2020-2021 school year.

SHS principal Mr. Jeffrey Sodl and his staff have decided to spread information to students through the school district’s email.

“It’s the only way to reach everybody,” said Sodl.

While Sodl believes email is the most effective way to reach the entire student body, he says that this form of communication can sometimes come off the wrong way.  He believes it is important for the messages to be clear and for the students to read them carefully in order to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

Recently, Sodl sent out an email in regards to the dress code for students when they are remote on either Zoom or Google Meet. He explained that students should be sitting in a work space and wearing the appropriate attire. At first, some students were a bit unsure of the specifics, but Sodl clarified them for everybody.

Sodl explained that the reminders for remote students were necessary because a handful were appearing in inappropriate attire, while a others were not staying on screen when they were required to be there.  A few students were actually lying down.

While Sodl appreciates that remote students want to be comfortable, he doesn’t want them to get carried away.

“Don’t be in your bed, be on your bed,” he said.


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