Schools across the state make breakfast and lunch free to all students


Photo by Sam Fors

Justin De Leon, Staff Writer

Thanks to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), students across Pennsylvanian, including the Stroudsburg Area School District, will have free lunch until at least December 31, 2020.  This includes breakfast and lunch for grades K to 12.

“The CDC requires the schools to have free lunch because of the whole pandemic,” said SHS principal Mr. Jeffrey Sodl. “It is great for our students.”

Now, students don’t have to worry about putting lunch money in their account.

”I would always remember how I would forget to put lunch money in and now it’s just so great, especially in these hard times,” said junior Colby Raboci.

Throughout this pandemic, many parents have struggled to make ends meet, so this lunch program is a huge boost.

This past summer, SASD has reached out to support students by offering free lunches to students.

In years past, only certain students qualified for free breakfast and lunch, but thanks to the CDC, all students will be able to enjoy free lunch into the new year.