Here is a preview of the 2020 presidential election

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Voters will take to the polls to decide the winner in a heated election.

Nathan Reish, Staff Writer

The United States presidential election will be held on Tuesday, October 3.

Current president Donald J. Trump will face off against former vice president Joseph R. Biden Jr. in what has been a polarizing campaign. Trump represents the Republican party; Biden represents the Democratic party.  

In the weeks leading up to the election, there have been two presidential debates which have spewed up major arguments and conversations between Americans. There has also been one vice presidential debate featuring current vice president Michael R. Pence and Kamala D. Harris, Biden’s running mate.

There are also a few less well known candidates that will appear on the ballot come election day.  

Howie Hawkins will represent the Green Party, and Jo Jorgensen will represent the Libertarian party.

Trump, Biden, Hawkins, and Jorgensen are the only four candidates that will appear on enough ballots to be eligible to reach the 270 votes needed from the electoral college to become president.  

This year, due to COVID-19, there has been a tremendous push for mail-in voting. At this time, it is recommended that if a person has not mailed in their vote, the safest option is to wait until election day to visit the polls or to use a drop box for their mail-in vote. This will ensure that a person’s vote is counted and not discarded for being tardy. Some states are offering early voting polling sites as well as mail-in voting.

If a person is not registered at this time to vote, they will be ineligible to vote in the November 3 election.


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