SHS guidance department sets up virtual college visits for students


“An investment in education gives the best returns.” – Benjamin Franklin

How are college visits working this year? Through a screen, of course.

During this era of social distancing, universities have turned to technology more than ever to interact with students. Institutions of higher learning are pushing to get the word out to students, and are as eager as ever to reel in as many newcomers as possible.

Where there is a will, there is a way, and the SHS guidance department is doing its part by urging and encouraging students to participate in virtual college visits.

These weekly “visits” have since been labeled, “Which College Wednesdays!” The first Wednesday to kickstart this new “exploration series” was with Tufts University in October.

“The list of dates and times when colleges are virtually visiting, as well as the link to access the meeting, is available on the guidance department’s Google Classroom for seniors and juniors,” said SHS principal Mr. Jeffrey Sodl

The guidance department has been working very hard to provide students with the necessary information, so they can make informed college decisions. This includes the creation of two separate Google Classrooms, one for the seniors (code: xe3e5jd), and one for the juniors (code: os3vowh). These classrooms contain important information regarding the entire process, as well as the time slots for visits.