Spotlight on Annmarie Cervone


Photo via Annmarie Cervone

Sophomore Annmarie Cervone is pictured above.

Alexander Canongo, Staff Writer

What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of?

Any Disney movie for sure. There’s so many and they’re all so good! :)

Which countries/places would you like to travel to?

Bora Bora has always been a place I’ve wanted to visit, but I would also love to travel to France and Italy.

What is your goal for this year?

I think my goal for this year is to make the most out of everything, good and bad, because everything happens for a reason and will eventually work its way out.

What’s the funniest word in the English language?

Redonkulous. I’m not sure if it’s a real word, but I think it’s funny.

What qualities do you value in people who you spend time with?

The people that I spend time with never fail to make me smile and laugh and I value that so so much. 

What is something that most people may not know about you?

I love ice cream. It’s just amazing.

What values are important to you?

Honesty and respect are so important to me. I’d rather take the blunt truth than a lie. I also think having respect for everyone and everything is important.

What is something that you have learned in your childhood that has stuck with you?

One of the things that I learned that has really stuck with me is that everyone is different. Everyone has different things going on and you can’t just judge someone. 

What is your life motto?

This might sound cliche but life is short, so make the most of it!

 If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

 If I could have a superpower it would be teleportation so I could travel anywhere at any time.