SHS group to open a new school store in the fall

Co-advisers seeking input from students on creation of store


Photo via PixaBay

Photo via PixaBay

You walk down an aisle and you look around. Clothing to your left, school materials to your right, and snacks directly in front of you  — there is merchandise everywhere. This will soon turn into a reality in the new school store coming to SHS in the near future.

Ms.Heather Nowosad and Ms.Sherri McIntyre are the co-advisers planning the new store, and they are seeking student input.

“We would like to hear from students to see what they would like the name of the school store to be,” said McIntyre. “We have entrusted students from Mr.DeVivo’s class to assist in the design of the store. Now we look to you to ask if you’d help with a survey.”

This includes deciding the store’s name, how the store will be designed, and what goods will be available for purchase.

“We need students to give us ideas. After all, it will be your store,” said Nowosad. “We will need help with naming it, designing it, deciding what to sell, etc.”

The advisers’ goal is to make the store as appealing as for students, as well as staff.

Initially, the plan was to open this year, but the pandemic made that goal impossible to achieve.

“We were set to start this project last spring, but we had to put it on hold,” said Nowosad. “We’d like to get started on it this semester so it can be ready to open during the 21-22 school year.”

While SHS already has a clothing store called Common Threads, the new store will be different.  They will have a new clothing section, but their intention is to sell a variety of goods, such as school materials, beverages and snacks for the staff, and much more to be decided.

“Common Threads is a thrift store that sells gently used clothing,” said Nowosad. “Our vision for the school store would be to have Mountie wear, school supplies, beverages and snacks for the staff, etc.”

The new store will be located at the end of the main hallway on the first floor, across from the Student Government bulletin boards. They also plan to have the store open during all four lunches of the school day, giving students easy access.

“We have been given permission to build an on-site student store,” said McIntyre.

Students should check out the store if they would like to purchase items ranging from clothing to school supplies to even birthday cards. On occasions where a student is ever missing essential school materials (pens, pencils, etc.) they will be able to purchase them at the new store.

If students want to leave a suggestion, make sure to email Ms. Nowosad or Ms. McIntyre. Both their emails are listed below.

[email protected]
[email protected]