Teacher feature on Ms. Incalcaterra


Ms. Incalcaterra and her family.

Kevin Clark, Staff Writer

At what school do you teach?

Stroudsburg Middle School

What Subject(s) do you teach? 


What Grades do you teach?


What is the best lesson you have ever taught?

A few years ago I started incorporating a STEM lab called “Curing Cancer” at the end of our Cell Division unit. Students worked in groups and designed a tool (with given supplies) that would remove cancer cells (lima beans) from a “patient.” Without getting too wordy about the logistics of the lesson, I consider it one of my best lessons because it really got the students thinking and reflecting about the task. They took pride in their successes and adjusted the cancer-removing tool if improvements were needed. It was fun to observe as a teacher because they were excited, engaged, and able to relate the activity to real-life issues.

What’s your favorite part about teaching? 

My favorite part about being a science teacher is how easy it is to make a lesson fun and hands-on. I love hearing students talk positively about a lab or activity we’ve done in class. It’s also rewarding to see them so engaged in a topic.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Allentown, PA. I pretty much always knew I wanted to be a teacher. My mom ran an in-home daycare since I was 5 years old until I was 14 years old. I always enjoyed helping her with the children that attended there. When I was 14, I helped coach preschool gymnastics. At age 16 I became a birthday party hostess at Discovery Zone. When I was 18, I started working at a daycare as a school-age teacher. All my experiences working with children led me to attend East Stroudsburg University and get a degree in education.