Weekly astrology update: Mercury is finally out of retrograde!

Mercury is finally out of retrograde!

As you probably already know Mercury was in retrograde from January 30 to February 20. All the Earth signs out there, particularly Taurus can finally breathe a nice long sigh of relief as it’s finally over!

You may have felt an unexplainable sense of uneasiness and anxiety during the past couple of weeks. This retrograde was in Aquarius and had the most dramatic effects on Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, and, of course, Aquarius placements.

The retrograde was a tough time to start new projects and feel motivated, but now that it is over it can be your time to step up! The emotional and physical drain the retrograde had on many of us can finally be lifted, and it is the perfect time to take a stand in your life and start that project you have been putting off for some time. I highly recommend doing a lot of shadow work during this time and manifesting as much as your heart desires.

Now is also a great time for attracting positive people into your life so make a little extra effort with socializing (safely) and networking.