Teens choose vibrant hair colors for various reasons

Madison Seixas, Staff Writer

In recent years, females have latched onto a new trend: hair dye. Whether it is to express one’s originality, touch up some grays, or to simply keep up with the newest styles, dying hair has become a common movement in today’s society.

In a recent study done by the hair company Clairol, it was found that 75 percent of American women dye their hair. That same survey concludes that 88 percent of women feel that their hair affects their self-confidence, both positively and negatively. More and more women have found it easier to keep up with looking young because of the availability of hair dye. It has created a whole new dynamic to aging, and allowed not only women but also men, to impact their appearance.

Now, a large number of preteens and teenagers are taking vibrant colors such as pinks or greens and wearing them proudly on their heads as a way to express who they are and to rebel against the social norms.

Most people that have multicolored hair can agree that they do it because they like it, but that does not stop aggressive stereotyping such as “impulsiveai??? and ai???childish.ai??? One website described girls with untraditional hair colors as ai???useless.ai???

Sixteen-year-old Mara Batt comments on these remarks stating, ai???I donai??i??t think I do it for attention. I’ve been dyeing my hair for a long time and got bored with what I was doing before. I forget I have blue hair,ai??? Batt said.

While some girls mess with their own self-expression, a few boys noticed the trend and even began engaging in it, sporting single blue streaks or bright pink highlights. However, they are the exception.

Most males have formed opinions on the “natural vs. unnaturalai??? debate on hair color.

ai???As long as itai??i??s not vibrant blues or pinks, I don’t care. I just think that natural colors work better,ai??? said senior Frank Marrone when asked his opinion of girls who dye their hair.

While many boys share Frank’s opinion, there are some that disagree.

ai???Itai??i??s their hair, I don’t really care what they do with it. People should be able to express themselves,ai??? said sophomore Jake Artzt.

There are many reasons why people would take the time to color their hair, whether it is because of a change in season or a change in oneai??i??s boyfriend. Hair color has become a way to invent a new you. Whatever the cause, it is clear to see this is one trend that will not disappear anytime soon.