Take the polar plunge for the baseball team

Stroudsburg Baseball team is hosting their first polar bear plunge at Brodhead Creek


This undated photo provided by G. Jones for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium shows a Polar bear diving into the water at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Powell, Ohio. Zoos across the country use shade, water and every conceivable form of cooling machine to help hundreds of thousands of animals, visitors and workers beat the heat every summer. (AP Photo/G. Jones, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium) NO SALES

Evalena Labayen, Staff Writer

On a chilly January day, most students are curled up in a blanket binge watching their favorite shows. The baseball team, however, will be jumping into subzero waters to raise money for their booster club. Ai??Though it may seem like a crazy idea, Polar Bear Plunges are a popular fundraiser all across the country where participants go for a swim in freezing cold waters. Ai??The baseball team and other participants will be plunging at Brodhead Creek Park January 30th, 2016. Ai??Anyone interested can register at head coach Mr. Phil Stokes room in A200.Ai??Ai??

“I think the challenge of this hopefully will get a lot of people out. It’ll be a great event for January 30th to get out, get together, socialize, and have some craziness,” said Stokes. Stokes has coached the baseball team of approximately 30-40 students both varsity and junior varsity for the past fifteen years.

This is the first year the baseball booster club is holding this event, doing other fundraisers in the past such as dodgeball tournaments. Ai??Hopefully, this event can become an annual fundraiser given the steady support of the township for the booster club and the use of Brodhead Creek.

Senior Luc Cibischino originally came up with the idea to host a Polar Bear Plunge since he participates in a different plunge in Scranton.

ai???It has turned into a tradition for me,ai??? said Cibischino, ai???When you go into the water itai??i??s a feeling that youai??i??ve never felt before . . .you have to keep in mind to breathe normally because youai??i??ll feel like you canai??i??t breathe.ai???

The purpose of the booster club is to obtain extra funds for the baseball team such as equipment, food, admission to the Pocono Dome, and the banquet held at the end of the season. Ai??Most of the members are parents of players, including boost club president Lindsey Cibischino and vice president Amanda Denny. Ai??The booster club hopes to raise fifteen-hundred dollars for the team

The fundraiser is open to the community and registrations are available at three different school levels: high school, jr. high, and middle school. Ai??If the baseball team raises enough money on this fundraiser Stokes, Coach Alex Hiscott, principal Mr. Jeffrey Sodl, field hockey coach Jennifer Lobasso, and other “VIP”s Ai??promise to plunge.

ai???The best part would have to be after you start to warm up again . . .then you can think about what you just did and why you would ever think that was a good idea,ai??? said Cibischino, ai???But in the end, itai??i??s a lot of fun and a great experience that makes a good story.ai???