Taking a Look at a Record Breaking Artist


Jonnathan Robles, Staff Writer

It’s not everyday that a grocery store worker becomes a world renowned artist. Benito Antonio Martinez aka “Bad Bunny,” did exactly that with his rapid rise in the music industry. 

Born on March 10, 1994, the 27 year-old was raised in a lower-middle class family in Puerto Rico. From a young age, Martinez was interested in reggaeton, listening to famous singers such as Daddy Yankee and Vico C. Benito. He released his first official single in 2016, peaking at 12 on the Billboard top charts. 

Since then, Bad Bunny has never looked back. He has gone on to reach the tops of the charts with his role in the song I Like it. The very same year, he released his first album called X100pre. The album received a Latin Grammy for Best Urban Music Album.

Bad Bunny’s greatest accomplishments include being the most listened to Spotify Artist in 2020, reaching a total of 8.3 streams globally. His new single Yonaguni peaked on the number 1 spot on the billboards and stayed on the charts for about 17 weeks. 

Bad Bunny’s success is a success to all people of Puerto Rico, demonstrating that anyone can accomplish their dreams. Make sure to listen to some of his songs!