Hoco Proposals take over SHS- Day 2!


Katie Hosko

Juniors Gio Silva and Ciara Longo smile for a photo together after Gio’s Homecoming proposal.

Jessica Brady, Staff Writer

Giovanni Silva and Ciara Longo, juniors

This past Friday night, Stroudsburg football defeated William Allen during the most exciting home game of the season! Giovanni Silva, who is a wide receiver for our football team, broke the record that night for the longest touchdown run (90 yards) in school history, helping to lead his team to victory! However- Gio wasn’t done yet.

Gio’s girlfriend, Ciara Longo, stood outside the locker room after the game, waiting for her boyfriend to come out and meet her. And he did just that- with a sign in hand, accompanied by his teammates.

Ciara is a huge fan of British pop star, Harry Styles. Knowing this, Gio created a super clever sign, containing Styles’ song lyrics. Once Ciara finally figured out what was going on, the couple shared a moment together. Gio’s teammates and Ciara’s friends both cheered for the couple, and Ciara answered Gio’s big question with a YES! Congratulations from The Mountaineer!

Credit: Katie Hosko