Interact Club focuses on helping people in the community!


Isabel Rivera

The Interact Club shows off their Flamingos.

Andrew Silva, Staff Writer

Interact club focuses on making a difference in the community by helping people in need.  

Interact is affiliated with Rotary, which is an international organization dedicated to working on humanitarian issues and service projects around the globe. The Rotary motto is “Service Above Self.”

The members reach out to help others and, in return, they find it rewarding themselves.  They also learn great leadership skills through service projects and programs made available to them through the local and international Rotary organizations.

This year, Interact’s first project was a cleanup project on Main Street last month.

“I’m in this club because I value the motto “Service Above Self”, said senior Isabel Rivera “This club is about helping others who can’t help themselves. Not only that; this club is one of the few service clubs that does not require people to reach a certain number of service hours per semester.  As a result, you don’t feel pressured to attend every single event,” added Rivera. 

One of the club’s most popular fundraisers is called Flocking.  How does it work? Teachers may donate to protect themselves from pesky pink flamingo birds by purchasing flocking insurance. Without the insurance, teachers could be invaded by a flock of plastic pink birds.  Interact members sneak into a teacher’s classroom and hang a whole flock of plastic flamingos in funny places.  Teachers can opt to donate to have Interact “bird specialists” remove the plastic flock.   The birds then “fly” to the next teacher’s classroom.  

The first teacher to be flocked was English teacher Mr. Matt Sobrinski.  

“I stumbled into my room at 6:00 a.m. on Thursday and thought I walked into Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds,”  Sobrinski said. “The birds hung around all day and were actually delightful.”  

Students interested in joining Interact should see Adviser Ms. Moira Loughman in Room C111 or join the Google Classroom: pfpIjx6.