SASD introduces new services to help students to find a smarter future


Dana Persaud, Staff Writer

Are you anxious about your future? Unsure about what you want to do?

Rest assured. SASD has implemented a new resource that offers different programs, including various resources that aid students in exploring their career plans. 

Mr. Clint Davis, the Coordinator of Student Career and Transition Services, works on upkeeping Pennsylvania State Standards in education at SASD. In order to meet the state standards for the Career Education and Work Standards, SASD, with Davis playing a key role, has implemented different resources to help students.

Davis has been working closely with guidance counselors, administrators, and teachers. He also works with teachers in career-affiliated courses throughout the junior and senior high schools to help students, as well as simultaneously meet Pennsylvania’s State Standards.

According to statistics from the Census Bureau, 33.4 percent of Americans 25 or older said they had completed a bachelor’s degree or higher. Many of them suggest that they had been pushed to attend college without knowing all their options.

With this in mind, Davis believes that it is critical to make students aware of the career options available to them, and not just through higher education.

There are many different resources available through the SASD Student Career and Transition Services. Davis has introduced resources through career-placing websites for students  — specifically, a website called Smart Futures. These resources are implemented in the following grades: 3rd – 6th and 9th-12th.

Along with these websites, Davis explained that SASD plans to intertwine internships and mentorships to allow students to get real-world work experience. Davis plans to make internships available through many different careers. Some internships and opportunities will be available in health and animal care, as well as colleges.

Now, students are probably wondering what makes this program different. Davis believes that this program is tailored to support each individual student.  It creates a specific path for each student and helps students become the best version of themselves.

“My goal isn’t to tell you what career path to pursue, but to show you there are different options that can all lead to individual success,” said Davis. 

Davis hopes to make opportunities available for all students to acquire experience to exceed outside of high school. Davis reported that SHS hopes to incorporate certifications classes in school, which students can utilize outside of school.

For more information, contact Davis through email ([email protected]) or his Google Classroom (code: 6d7apk).  Davis also has an open-door policy and wants to help students utilize what he can offer. Feel free to contact him through any of these sources.