SHS annual Powderpuff football game kicks off before break!

Seniors win a grueling grudge match against the juniors.


2021 Powderpuff football game winners! Class of 2022

Savannah Bone, Staff Writer

On Thursday, November 18, Stroudsburg High School held its annual Powderpuff football game. Senior and junior girls competed to win the title and the proceeds from yesterday’s dress-down. Throughout the whole game, each team’s defensive line was putting up a fight; however, the seniors had one last trick up their sleeve.

With 20 seconds to spare, senior Jasmin Lopez ran up the sideline, scoring a 70-yard touchdown, and led the seniors to a sweet victory for this year’s game. 

Final score: Seniors -6, Juniors – 0.

Shoutout to Anita Mendez for creating the photo gallery below. Check it out to see photos from the annual Powderpuff game.