Coding Club helps students build and advance computer skills

Zyaire Coles, Staff Writer

Coding Club is a group of students who get to show off their computer skills. 

The coding club meets in room B204 every Wednesday from 2:30-3:30. The adviser is Ms. Tracy Krock. 

“We wanted students to be exposed to what coding really is,” said Krock. “Students need to understand there’s more to coding than just video games.”

The student most responsible for the idea of creating the club is senior Allison Nieto.

“We wanted people to have a club to learn how to code,” said Nieto.

The club was approved last year but the first official meeting was in September. So far there are approximately 10 official members.

No prior experience is necessary in order for one to join Coding Club. If students do decide to join, they can participate in projects or activities such as basic coding commands, learning to program conversations, or coding games. 

On Dec 15, a former Stroudsburg high school student (Winston Nwanne, class of 2014) was a guest speaker for the club. Nwanne currently works as a programmer for Amazon.