Students become detectives in forensics class


Savannah Bone

Student measures length of turkey foot in forensics class.

Savannah Bone, Staff Writer

Interested in crime scenes, want to become a detective, or simply want a fun class as a science credit? Well, you’re in luck!

Here at SHS, a variety of science classes are offered, but there are none quite like the forensics classes. 

The class offers a range of entertaining activities, including fingerprint and blood-spatter analysis and maggot math.  The students get to creatively explore crime scenes, and get an overall understanding of what a detective’s job entails. 

The class is taught by Mr. James Bruski and Mr. David Hakim.

“We work in close collaboration so that both of our classes get the same experiences and enjoyment from the course,” said Hakim. 

“What makes the class fun is learning a non-traditional subject in school,” said Bruski. “Mr. Hakim and I do our best to make the class as fun and as hands-on as possible.”

This year there are four sections of forensics, totaling approximately 150 students. Bruski teaches three sections and Hakim teaches one.

This elective is open to all students in grades 10 -12, which allows for a wide variety of learning abilities amongst the students. As a result, the students not only learn a lot from the teachers. But they can also learn from one another. 

“I like that it’s a science that I’m actually interested in,” said junior Driton Berisha. “My sister and I used to watch shows like CSI all the time growing up, so I was always interested in forensics.”

If you’re looking to receive full credit for science and not sure which class to take, forensics may be the choice for you.

Below is a link to learn more about forensic science.