School districts should focus more on education, less on standardized tests

Jaime Ross

Dear editor,

Let’s talk about something we all know too well: Keystones. We prepare for these all through high school and whether we pass or fail determines if we graduate or not. That’s not fair to us though.

The smartest kid could do poorly on standardized tests, and run the risk of not graduating. Ai??Is that fair? No.

School takes these tests too seriously. Ai??The problem is teachers are forced to teach primarily what the tests are measuring. If the teachers don’t get around to teaching the material that is on the test, then the students suffer.

There are three Keystones that we have to take and pass in order to graduate: math, biology, and English. Some students excel in biology and can be doing bad in English, or some can excel in English and do poorly in math. These tests should not determine a studentai??i??s intelligence. Ai??What should determine that is a studentai??i??s hard work and determination.

On another note, these tests that are given are all the same to every student. If you are in ESL, average classes, honor classes, or in the special needs class, it is all the same. Does that seem fair to you?

Even though I am against the tests, if they have to be given, they should have different versions for students who have or need more help understanding topics such as English for students who move here from other countries or math and biology. Not everyone understands every subject. They should be made to be fair to everyone and not say ai???too badai??? to the rest of you who were never taught the items on these tests.

Jaime Ross