GSA is back, provides an outlet for the LGBTQ+ community

Zyaire Coles, Staff Writer

Are you questioning or struggling with your sexuality or identity? Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is “an outlet for kids who are LGBTQ, questioning, or allies” said club adviser Ms. Mary Imossi.

The Gay-Straight Alliance club was founded in 2008 at SHS, and it was the first GSA to be introduced in the district. The club meets in room C125 every Tuesday after school. The meeting lasts from 2:30-3:30.

Since the club is just starting back up, there are currently only approximately 10 members. GSA is working on finding more members. 

GSA is a safe place for students struggling to come out or for people who like being around others who understand them. The club targets the LGBTQ+ community and offers a safe space for them to be themselves and educate others.

A goal for the club is to hold fundraisers. They are hoping that any money raised will go to LGBTQ+ suicide prevention organizations like the Trevor Project (an organization that tries to prevent suicides within the LGBTQ+ community). The club also wants to acknowledge special days like Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20, LGBTQ+ Day of Silence on April 23, and others.

“As president of GSA, I do my best to invite new people to join us every meeting, said president Jessica Brady, a junior. I also work with the rest of the officers to make sure everything runs smoothly, and things remain respectful during meetings.” 

If you would like to join GSA, email Ms. Imossi at [email protected]

Students can join the clubs Google Classroom by using the following code:  7j2qlmi

Below are the officers of the GSA:

Jessica Brady- President

Luka Konklin- Vice President

Eli Badillo- Treasurer

Julian Gajewski- Secretary

Nathaniel Salazar- Social Media Coordinator