SASD partners with the United Way to help others in need

The United Way celebrates 80 years of helping people


Sophie Howard, Staff Writer

The United Way is celebrating its 80 anniversary throughout this school year.

The Pocono Mountain United Way organization is encouraging donations from employees throughout the community or Monroe County. 

Once again, the Stroudsburg Area School District is supporting this worthwhile foundation, by working with the Pocono Mountains United Way organization.

The SASD has set up a Workplace Campaign, in which employees can donate to people in need. 

The United Way organization strives to engage and mobilize resources to improve lives throughout the community.  

“The purpose of the campaign is to seek donations from employees,” said Ms. Cynthia Gehm, principal of B.F Morey Elementary. She has served as the district’s Campaign Manager since 2009.  

The organization focuses on education, financial ability, and health. During the financial year of 2020-2021, 15,018 people were served by The Pocono Mountain United Way. 

“Since the Pocono Mountain United Way focuses on various ways to help families and children, it is important for Stroudsburg Area School District students to see the positive impact it can have in helping those in need,” said Gehm. 

The district campaign runs throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas every year to give to the people who have been struggling financially and health-wise to make sure they’re getting the things they need for the holiday season. 

“I coordinate with the Superintendent about the campaign’s timeline, and the district Business Office for employees that chose to donate via Payroll Deduction,” said Gehm. 

To donate to the Pocono Mountain United Way, simply go to the website listed below.

Anyone can donate any time throughout the year online by pressing the DONATE NOW button.