Enviromental Club sells Yuda bands


Lauren Bruckstein

Stroudsburg High Schoolai??i??s Environmental Club has discovered an excellent fund raiser. They are selling Yuda Band bracelets which come from the Yuda Band organization.
ai???I was at an FBLA leadership conference and saw someone was selling Yuda Bands and I thought our school should do it too,ai??? said junior Sara Hernandez, an environmental club member.
The club had ordered four hundred bracelets and has sold over two hundred of them. Obtaining the bracelets wasnai??i??t a difficult task. ai???The Yuda Band organization has a website that walks you through everything. It was really simple.ai??? said Hernandez.
Environmental Club sold bracelets from February 3 -17. The bracelets are seven dollars each, being sold throughout the school day and during lunch periods.
A dollar and fifty cents from each bracelet goes to fund the eleventh grader Mario Andres Xil. He lives in Guatemala, and the money is helping to give him access to an education.
A dollar of each bracelet sold goes to FundaciA?n Defensores de la Naturaleza (The Defenders of Nature Foundation). FundaciA?n Defensores de la Naturaleza is a nature foundation in Guatemala. They conserve land and the fauna in Guatemala. They also manage more than 87 water basins that supply water to more than 500,000 inhabitants.
The rest of the money goes to the manufacturing costs and the Yuda Band organization.
Overall, the club has raised two thousand dollars from selling Yuda bracelets. Over four hundred dollars was raised for Mario Andres Xil and approximately three hundred dollars has been raised for the nature conservation.
ai???Itai??i??s not just a bracelet. Itai??i??s supporting a great organization.ai??? said Nadine Aly, junior and environmental club member.