SHS students express themselves through Fusfoo club

Students can post original videos, photos, articles, stories and more


Julian Castellanos

Some of the various tools members of Fusfoo may use to create.

Julian Castellanos, Staff Writer

Imagine a website where artists, writers, and photographers from across the nation can post their own pieces of work for others to see. Yes, you could actually post your creative without any reservations or concerns.  The place you can do this at SHS is called Fusfoo.

Fusfoo is a nationwide media website that is a newspaper for anyone who is enrolled in high school to join.

Fusfoo was introduced to 23 pilot schools in Pennsylvania with the purpose of creating the availability of modern news. 

What is Fusfoo? Fusfoo is a bully-free place where students can creatively express themselves through videos, pictures, articles, and stories.

“A couple of years ago we were one of the pilot schools for the Fusfoo program,” said adviser Ms. Leah McKain. “Stroudsburg was one of 10 schools to first implement the club. The first year we had 150 posts. Fusfoo seemed like something that would give a voice and outreach to students.”

Fusfoo allows students to post articles and galleries for photography without a dislike or comment section. Kids can post whatever they want and not have to worry about being critiqued. 

“I think the removal of a comment section eliminates kids from bullying other kids,” said McKain. “It also gives a safe environment for students to express themselves.”

Fusfoo was very active before the pandemic. Then the size of the club dwindled.  But now they are seeking new members.

“COVID also limited activity because people were overwhelmed by using their computer so much,” said McKain.

If students do join Fusfoo, they can continue their involvement even after graduating.

“When the first Fusfoo members at SHS graduated, they started their own Fusfoo clubs in the schools they attended,” said Mckain.

Students interested in showcasing their creative, artistic talents should contact Ms. McKain.

To learn more about Fusfoo, check out this link:  Fusfoo