The Science Olympiad Club racks up awards


Mr. Pfeiffer

The Science O Team grouped together at EPCs!

Andrew Silva, Staff Writer

The Science Olympiad Club members may not know all the secrets of life, but they are certainly dedicated to competing and receiving a high placement in competitions and tournaments. 

“Science O” is a national competition/organization that covers science, biology, psychology, forensics, and more.

This year’s advisers are Mr. Adam Carter and Mr. Kurt Pfeiffer.  They appreciate why students get involved in this organization. 

“I just think a natural curiosity in kids is what gets them interested in Science Olympiad,” said Pfeiffer.

This year is Mr. Carter’s first year of coaching the Science Olympiad team.

“It’s a rewarding process to watch the team work so hard and have it pay off in competitions,” said Carter. “Our captains have shown great leadership and cultivated an excellent sense of camaraderie.  I am looking forward to the state competition in Altoona on April 30.”

On Friday, March 4, the Science Olympiad team went over to  EPC Northampton Community College where they brought back the EPC championship once again earning 5 first places 2 places, and 1 third place in ten events. They have placed first overall six times since 2015. 

During this school year, the Science Olympiad team has participated in three regional competitions. The Science Olympiad is set to compete in a state-level competition at Penn State in Altoona, Pa. on April 30, a competition they have gone to for over 28 years consecutively. Wish them luck!

A small showcase of the awards that the Science Olympiad club have won over the years. (Andrew Silva)

First Place Winners:

Selma Soulev and Jack Francis: Cell Biology

Casimir Morgan and Chris Hu: Gravity Vehicle

Ryan Chen and Matt Lipitz: Ornithology

Pret Patel and Steve Blannard: Ping Pong Parachute

and Becca Hawks and Sakura Helm: Write it-Do it

Second Place Winners:

Casimir Morgan and Jack Francis: Chemistry Lab

Pret Patel and Casimir Morgan: Wright Stuff

Third Place Winners:

Fikki Hodzhova and Andrew Hawks: Bridge

At NEPA Regionals at Penn State Wilkes Barre, the team earned 4th place overall out of 24 teams. They also earned medals in 9 of 23 events. 

First place in Chem Lab: Casimir Morgan and Jack Francis

First place in Trajectory: Casimir Morgan and Pret Patel

First place in Green Generation: Ryan Chen and Sakura Helm

Second place in Dynamic Plant: Ryan Chen and Chris Hu

Second place in Forensics: Matt Lipitz and Gunnar Gaspar

Third place in Detector Building: Casimir Morgan and Ellie Kats

Third place in Its About time: Casimir Morgan and Pret Patel

Fourth place in Environmental Chemistry: Jack Francis and Ryan Chen

And Fourth place in Remote Sensing: Chris Hu and Pret Patel