Teacher Feature on Mr. Youngken


Julian Castellanos, Staff Writer

At which school in the district do you teach?

High school

What subject do you teach?

Anatomy & physiology and biology. Also coach track and football

What grades do you teach?


How long have you been teaching at SASD?

20 years

What is the most rewarding lesson you have ever taught?

I really enjoy teaching the dissection of the cat. Students really become students and they truly enjoy learning about the dissection process and the anatomy of the cat.

Is there anything you wish you had known as a first-year teacher?


What is your favorite part about teaching?

Getting to know your students and talking with them about school and life.

What is one piece of advice you would share with your students?

Never let the opportunity pass you by.

How and when did you know that teaching was what you wanted to do?

After grad school and working in the cardiac rehab field, we mentored other grad students. I really enjoyed working and teaching these students and knew I wanted to be a teacher. I changed careers and the rest is history.