College should be more affordable.

Sarah Reinhardt

Dear Editor,

In our country, a college education is usually required for most high-paying jobs, while the majority of Americans canai??i??t afford it. In a poll held by in October, 2015, only 4% of Americans believe that education is the most critical issue our country faces, making it one of the lowest polling issues.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders wants to make all public colleges and universities free to attend. He states that education should be a right rather than a privilege. On the Republican side, some Presidential candidates such as Marco Rubio donai??i??t want America to ai???be like the rest of the worldai??? with free education. Forcing students to pay for school and smother them in crippling debt doesnai??i??t make this country better.

According to another poll by, around ten years ago, 50% of graduates thought the money they spent on their education was worth it. In 2015, the statistics have gone down to almost half of what it used to be. Nearly half of graduates that have student loan debt have been forced to put off further education because of the money they owe. Graduates have also stated that theyai??i??ve given up buying a car and starting a business so theyai??i??re not overwhelmed with more debt than they already have to put up with.

In conclusion, the cost of education is keeping Americans from getting the skills they need to get jobs that pay well and achieve a brighter future.

Sarah Reinhardt



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