The Pioneer staff is busy creating a memorable yearbook for all

The Pioneer staff looks to “Play It Back”


Zyaire Coles

The yearbook is excited to “Play it back”.

Zyaire Coles, Staff Writer

Stroudsburg High School’s Pioneer yearbook staff continues to make progress on their “Play It Back” themed yearbook.

Advised by Ms. Sarah Cepin, the staff has been working tirelessly since the beginning of the year to create the best possible yearbook. Students are even working outside of the classroom to meet deadlines and make revisions.

The “Play It Back” theme was inspired by the love of music at SHS. The music in the halls on Fridays and the students singing and dancing to the music contribute to the upcoming theme. Yearbook staff members came up with this idea and fell in love with the theme of music.

So far, 71 pages, along with the cover design, have been completed for the yearbook. Portrait photos are close to being finished and submitted, students are being interviewed for quotes, and pages are even being postponed to add more quotes. The yearbook staff wants to include all types of students and have 50% of students appear in the book three or more times. 

Club pages are quite a challenge. Some people aren’t focused or enrolled in clubs and are mostly just focused on their academics. The main goal, in theory, is for every student to appear in the yearbook.

“Any senior who wants to purchase a senior recognition ad, please do so as soon as possible before it is gone,” said Cepin.

Currently, there are 260 copies of the yearbook sold. The Pioneer staff’s goal is to sell at least 400. At Least 389 books should be sold to gain a 2% increase on last year’s sales. Yearbooks are being sold for $70. Once the books are sold there will be no more available. If students are interested in purchasing a yearbook, they should pre-order one ASAP before they sell out.

Pre-order Pioneer yearbooks at:

Editor-in-Chief: Rachel Bailey (senior)

Copy Editor: Hope Butler (senior)

Photography Editor: Ashton Bergamino (senior)

Business Manager: Evelina Ogrodniczuk (senior)

Pioneer Staff: Aylin Avci, Keyanna Chandler, Skye Franco, Dominique Latouche, Lieana Matos, Tylah Matos, Brielle McDonald, Helena Morehouse, Javeliee Rodriguez, Danielle Simony, Chelsea Stackhouse, Danay Torres-Acosta