Get ready to be blown away by the new album by Harry Styles


Sabrina Lopes, Staff Writer

Global sensation Harry Styles has a new album coming out on May 20!

After two years of doing movies, tours, and interviews. Harry Styles is releasing a new album Harry’s House. Fans believe that the album is about his childhood and events that occurred when he was just becoming a celebrity.

“I’m so excited,” said junior Sophie Howard. “I can’t think of any words.”

Styles has been surprising his fans by performing some of his new songs from the album Late Night Talking and Boyfriends during his performance for the recent festival, Coachella. He also surprised his fans by scheduling to perform a show the day the album comes out (May 20). He will also be singing all his new songs in New York. He recently released another show in London on the 24. 

Styles’ new single “As It Was” has won the most streamed video in a day with over 8 million views on Youtube and has been #1 on the Billboard chart for a month. Fans were so excited and proud of Styles and his achievements.

“When his new song As it Was came out, hearing it, I knew it was going to be a successful song for him,” said junior Aylin Avci. “As it Was” was also the first song released for his new album.

So, hurry up and check out Harry Styles’ new album and hear the new message he is putting out to the world.