Vegan/Vegetarian Hosts and Plans Events


Lauren Bruckstein, Staff Writer

The Vegan/Vegetarian club recently held a cooking event, where multiple healthy vegan recipes were taught and made. Approximately 20 members who participated shared their dishes with each other. Photos of the event can be found here:

The Vegan/Vegetarian club at Stroudsburg High School has a tasteful future. Sandra Felin, director of AWSOM animal shelter, is scheduled to attend a meeting along with a rescued dog from AWSOM. During this time, the club will host a bake sale with vegan foods prepared a day earlier by veg club students. These dates are to be announced and all SHS students are welcome to attend. All of the money made will be donated to the AWSOM organization. From this event, students will benefit by learning healthy vegan recipes, gaining awareness of a local animal shelter, and raising money to help animals.

The club also plans to organize a showing of the documentary, Cowspiracy, Ai??at the Pocono Community theater towards the end of the year. The documentary talks about animal agriculture, the environment, and sustainability. Cowspiracyai??i??s website gives information about the film and can be found here:

The Vegan/Vegetarian club has created a Google map with links to restaurants, stores, and cafes where you can find great vegan food locally. A few places are Earthlight Natural Foods, Vegan Treats, and Hummus house. The following link can show you where to find them and more:

Anyone whoai??i??s interested in discovering more about the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle can go to the SHS library, which has a variety of books about the topic. There you can find information, health benefits, and recipes.

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ai???I heard that meat had steroids in them and I didnai??i??t want that in my Ai??said Vanessa Kuras, SHS junior. ai???The PETA videos made me want to be

ai???Itai??i??s much healthier being a vegetarian. I thought I would crave meat, but I donai??i??t,” said Aubrey Harter, SHS junior.

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Mr. Bill Lowenburg, SHS’s librarian, supervises the club. ai???Being a vegan helps me to stay healthy and feel said Ai??Lowenburg. Ai??ai???I am not contributing to the needless death of many Lowenburg has been a vegan for about 35 years.