Science Olympiad members prepare for spring season


Sydney Curry, Staff Writer

Science Olympiad is a club that’s a must-join for those interested in science-based fields and studies. It’s a club that provides a challenge for people who want to learn and compete.

Science Olympiad covers all kinds of sciences including biology, psychology, forensics, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, physics, geology, and more. It offers a college-level experience for students.

The club encourages independence. Students have a lot of freedom to work on topics of interest to them. They get to choose the events they wish to participate in, based on their interests

With an impressive history, Science Olympiad has a very good track record of earning trophies and medals and doing very well at competitions.

The competitions typically start in February, which gives the members a lot of time to learn and prepare for the competitions.

Currently, the club is operating without an official adviser.  In the meantime, member Matt Lipitz is the contact person.

Science Olympiad encourages all students to get involved.  For more information, join the club’s Google Classroom: 5g3rwql.