Color Guard entertains SHS audiences in a unique way


Joella Torres, Staff Writer

At every football game, the SHS Color Guard performs along with the Marching Band.  This halftime show is spectacular for all fans.

Color Guard’s goal is to interpret the Marching Band’s music in a creative way.  The members dance, and they spin flags.

The coaches are Ms. Patti Weiss and Ms. Donna Keslosky. Senior Kristina DeBree is the head captain of the Color Guard, senior Brenna Lambert is the captain of Spirit and Style along with their Rifle line, junior Autumn Schaller is the Dance Line captain, and junior Kayla Lindo is the Rookie Ambassador. The entire team has a strong bond.

Throughout the year, the color guard will participate in shows for the school.

They meet very often, usually more than twice a week and they collaborate with the Marching Band. They have performed at MetLife stadium, as well as locally at parades and other events.

There is a YouTube channel, Stroudsburg HS Color Guard, where the club posts videos of their performances, along with a Facebook profile. You can also follow them on Instagram, @stroudsburghscolorguard.

Color Guard holds auditions each Spring for any grade other than seniors, so if you’re looking for a fun and active extracurricular activity, make sure to try out this year.