Junior finds her passion on the track


Joy-Sahai Brown, Staff Writer

The first time Kayla Burgess ran a 400m, she placed 2nd against all seniors.

ai???I was nervous, I remember my legs being on fire after running,ai??? said Burgess. The thrill of coming in second without any training kept her interested in the sport.

Kayla joined track & field her freshman year because she liked running against other people. Her motivation comes from the inside but also, according to her father, motivation came to her when ai???family, coaches and teachers said I should do it.ai??? She recently discovered that she had more time on her hands after ending her cheerleading career the previous year.

Now, as a more seasoned runner, she works really hard to beat her personal record. ai???Beating your own time is like your secret race. Even if it’s two seconds faster, it makes you feel good,ai??? said Burgess.

In the 400m sprint her fastest time is just under 63 seconds, at 62.93 seconds. In the 200m Sprint, she clocks in at a swift 28.1 seconds.

Burgess wishes to pursue track and field next year but she’s not sure she’ll do it in college. She recommends this sport because, ai???There’s something for everyone to do now matter what your size or athletic ability.ai??? She reinforces the idea that one needs to be mentally and physically stable for track when she says,Ai??ai???You need to focus less on what you have left and more on your goal.ai???