Student Spotlight on Logan Weitzmann


Noah Morell, Staff Writer

 What activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of school?

Outside of school, I enjoy playing soccer and hanging out with my friends.

What are your plans after graduation? 

I want to play soccer in college and maybe study something that has to do with computers.

What is your goal for this year? 

I want to make fun memories with my friends and do well academically.

What is something that most people may not know about you?  

I have been overseas multiple times to play soccer.

What is your favorite thing about SHS? 

I like playing in and going to all of the sporting events.

What was your favorite class at SHS?

My favorite class is forensics with Mr. Hakim because he is a good teacher and we discuss interesting topics.

Which countries/places would you like to visit? 

I think it would be fun to go to Bora Bora.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

I think it would be cool to read minds.

Is water wet?