Mythical Dungeons and Dragons club created at SHS


Cole Manetta-DeHaven

Advisor Mr. Anthony Lanfrank introducing the rules of Dungeons and Dragons at the first meeting.

Cole Manetta-Dehaven, Staff Writer

Do you like adventure? Using your imagination? Working as a team? All in a Fantasy-filled world of action?

Then the Dungeons and Dragons (DND) club is for you.

This club offers the creation of unique characters, adventurous storytelling, and new bonds with other enthusiasts. If you are new to the game, officials will even take time to teach you!

The idea of the club originated with juniors Eva Ollikainen and Brutis Muniz.

“I just wanted kids to make friends,” said Muniz. “Dungeons and Dragons is a very interactive club. You get put into groups and have a fun time.”

The adviser is Mr. Anthony Lanfrank, who is new to the game.

“I was always aware of the game as a kid but found a group online during the pandemic and instantly saw an opportunity to advise when the club was presented,” said Lanfrank.

The Dungeons and Dragons club has attracted newcomers like senior Arianna DiPaola.

“You can add elements of yourself to the game,” said DiPaola.  You can make it more personal.”

The DND club is open to new members.

For any more information, join the google classroom: 3w356ns.