Student Spotlight on Gabrielle Pellot


Eli Badillo, Staff Writer

What is your goal for this year?

To not end this year like the last two years, and actually put effort into getting my grades in a good place.

What was your favorite class at SHS?

I enjoy all of my classes, but if I were to pick favorites, it would definitely be my creative writing class with Mr. Sobrinski, my bio class with Ms. Tkach, and Globalization with Mr. Frounfelker.

What profession doesn’t get enough credit or respect?

Not an exact profession, but single mothers/fathers, or just mothers in general. Parenting in general is a difficult task; it isn’t just telling a kid what to do. It’s about taking care of another life. It’s about loving that child and supporting them all the way until they can care for themselves, even when they grow up their parents are supporting them. An EMT is another profession that is ignored. EMTs work hard to do their job, but it goes unacknowledged at the end of the day. Teachers, EMTs, and parents don’t get the credit they deserve.

What is your life motto?

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Is water wet?

No. It’s sticky.

Which countries/places would you like to visit?

I would like to visit Puerto Rico, Germany, maybe France, and/or Australia, and definitely visit Ireland with my mom one day. My dad too, of course. And Scotland, and maybe Iceland.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

To rid anyone of any illness/disease without harming them further. Also so my very important family member doesn’t have so many things affecting her.

What activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of school?

Socialization, naming any spider I see inside or outside my house, drawing, writing, spinning mindlessly around my room to music, mastering sarcasm, listening to foreign accents, and laying on the floor of my room and relaxing so my back doesn’t hurt.

What’s your favorite joke?

“My wife told me she’ll slam my head on the keyboard if I don’t get off the computer. I’m not too worried, I think she’s jokinlkjhfakljn m,.nbziyoao78yv87dfaoyuofaytdf”