Student Spotlight on Milan George


Eli Badillo, Staff Writer

What movie could you never get tired of watching?

Home by Dreamworks. The movie is just so funny; the music choices and the ending always make me cry.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Honestly, it would be the power to freeze time because I would be able to do whatever I wanted also I consider myself a people watcher, and I would be able to do that all I want instead of getting called weird. (XD)

What is unique about your personality?

I love to hear people talk and listen to them about anything. Just making people feel validated is enough conversation for me, so yeah!

What social stigma does society need to get over?

Girls have hair and some people need to get over it. They’re not obligated to shave every inch of their body for others and if they do it’s probably for them to be comfortable. HAIR RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE XD!

What was your favorite class at SHS?

The variety of classes they offer, and all the things you do here to get involved. Swimming here is very fun for me, and along with drama classes, it’s just great to talk with others and do stuff together.

What activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of school?

I love to draw and write in my free time, but I also love to go to new places with friends, especially during the holiday season when everything is so decorated. Also, I love playing video games like Fortnite and Minecraft or story-based games like Resident Evil and A Way Out!

What is your greatest chance to weakness?

My kindness. Most of the time, I have a tough time saying no to people for fear of hurting their feeling, so that’s something I need to work on.