Siblings, both younger and older, can benefit from each other


Nathalie Rodriguez

This here is Nathalie Rodriguez sophomore with her younger siblings.

Ariana Woodley, Staff Writer

Anyone who has a sibling knows how stressful it can be at times.

It can be especially difficult when it comes to dealing with siblings who are much younger. They tend to cry a lot and invade your personal space. Older siblings sometimes want to kick their little brothers and sisters out of their rooms.

While sibling relationships have these challenges, there is another side to them.  Older siblings have the opportunity to be role models for younger siblings.  They can form special bonds; they can be there for each other just to laugh or smile.

Research indicates that in today’s world, more and more older siblings are playing major roles in the lives of their younger siblings.

Studies show older siblings have a maternal instinct for their younger siblings. They tend to care more about their siblings the more time they spend with them.

I am sometimes responsible for taking care of my two-year-old brother while my father is at work. Some people might think this would be some form of punishment, but it’s not. It is really fun to witness his curiosity and to watch him grow. He’s starting to mimic everyone as if he is our own personal parrot.  He is hilarious.

Being an older sibling teaches us how to be good role models.  I have learned a lot about myself through this process. Just getting to know him each and every day makes me want to become a better version of myself.

The bond that siblings share can sometimes be stronger than anything in the world.

“Siblings will always stick together no matter what,” said sophomore Nathalie Rodriguez, who is the oldest of three children. While she says that it is a bit easier to bond with a sibling closer in age, she still feels a special bond with each of her sisters. 

Junior Amir Scott agrees that despite all that can happen in sibling relationships, there is something powerful about family.

“No matter what we have going on at the time, we still have a close bond,” said junior Amir Scott. 

All boys and girls should have somebody to look up to.  Older siblings often fill that role nicely.

“I see my sister as my best friend,“ said senior Molly Steiner.