Listening to music can improve the lives of teens

The SASD should explore ways to allow students to listen more often


(Photo by Zyaire Coles) Music is a part of people’s everyday life. Everywhere you go you will hear some form of sound that ultimately sounds like music.

Zyaire Coles, staff writer

“Music makes me feel good depending on the song, said junior Jada Mcleod. The music matches my emotions. The music brings down my stress and puts me in a better mood.” 

Music is an art that forms human interactions. Whether it is a group of people just listening and enjoying the sweet sounds of beats and melodies, or people gathering to play a tune of their own, music can bring others together even if its not intentional. 

Practically everybody loves a good song and can’t deny their attraction to it.

In fact, research supports the value of listening to music. Sensations felt while listening to a good song show a feeling of pleasure according to Music reduces anxiety and eases heavy emotions that may be overpowering.

That is why the SHS administration should reconsider the no-AirPods policy anywhere — including in the halls.

The administrators may not realize how relaxing music can be for students plowing their way through the halls between classes.

Music is a part of our everyday lives. Songs are sung to babies as lullabies, and songs are played and sung at parties, graduations, and even weddings.

One’s mood can change just by listening to a tune. The brain is actually affected. Unconsciously, we digest the lyrics, music motifs, and more.

In some cases, music can actually help people be more productive. It helps strengthen one’s attention and increases motivation for students to do their work. During study time, music can ease the stress from being surrounded by work and help relax the mind to focus according to the

Twenty percent of teens struggle with depression. The therapeutic qualities of music can help ease that depression and relax the nerves.  According to, Some students may struggle with social anxiety and isolation. People can come together and bond over music tastes.

The expression also takes a big part in the importance of music. Listening to a song that matches your mood can help you put your emotions in the song and not so much on others depending on the mood.

“Music helps me when it comes to containing my feelings so I won’t take them out on others,” said senior Allana Richards.

Music makes life better for some people. Life goes on effortlessly with the support of a good song.

It would make sense for the SHS administration to explore ways to allow students to incorporate music into their daily lives as much as possible.